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Magazine Is a Comprehensive Guide to the Growing Trend of Distance Learning

Staten Island, NY, March 1, 2005 – With so many adults adopting the philosophy of lifelong learning, ClassesUSA -- the Web's leading online higher education portal -- is stepping in to educate readers about the ins and outs of eLearning with Online Degrees® Magazine.

Online Degrees, available on newsstands today, is the most comprehensive tool available in print for adults seeking advancement through online education. "With total enrollment in eLearning programs expected to hit the one million mark in 2005," says Jordon Keltz, ClassesUSA CEO, “the publication addresses a tremendous need by informing and empowering adults interested in this exciting and exploding facet of education."

The magazine combines expert-driven advice and real-life success stories to both inform and inspire readers to use cyber learning as that first step toward professional and personal advancement. In addition to the quality content, Online Degrees is supplemented by an Online Degree Program Directory, highlighting hundreds of accredited institutions offering associate, bachelor's, master's, and postgraduate degrees and certificates.

The premiere issue features topics including how online learning helps on the job, 12 career-boosting certificate programs, ways to find an accredited and reputable online degree program, as well as fascinating success stories of professionals who credit eLearning with changing their personal and professional lives.

Online Degrees Magazine is published bi-annually (March and August), and is available on newsstands and in bookstores nationwide.

About ClassesUSA, the Web’s leading online higher education portal, enables professionals to find an online degree or certificate program best suited to advancing their professional goals. Each month, over one million adults visit the site, which boasts more than 100 accredited college and university partners. Since entering the online higher education marketplace in 2001, ClassesUSA has fostered strategic content partnerships with sites such as AOL and others, and has built a reputation as the most trusted and recognized brand providing professional adults with access to online educational opportunities. ClassesUSA is also the publisher of Online Degrees Magazine, a bi-annual national publication designed to empower adults considering distance learning as the tool to use to advance themselves both personally and professionally.

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