May 29, 2001

E-learning site ClassesUSA acquires listing service

Andy Pelander,
Apr 12, 2001 03:28 PM ET

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y, April 12, 2001 ( -- Online education resource ClassesUSA kicked off its Website's soft launch by announcing that it has acquired a fellow member of the e-learning brotherhood, having purchased academic course catalog of Chicago for an unspecified sum, officials said today.

The Staten Island, N.Y.-based firm will make quick work of's database and back-end technology as it prepares for its official launch this summer, following today's beta-version online debut featuring 2,500 Class Provider Affiliates, or institutional partners. These affiliates are central to a company fixed on providing adults with continuing education class listings.

To users, ClassesUSA offers opportunities to sign up for continuing education courses. To Class Provider Affiliates, it offers ASP subscription-based proprietary online tools that include real-time information systems, e-commerce and online advertising. ClassesUSA currently features ads posted by Manhattan's Hunter College inviting users to review available course work.

"Up until now, adult learners have had to research their continuing education endeavors in a time-consuming, inefficient way," ClassesUSA Chairman Luciano Rammairone said in a press statement. ClassesUSA offers a simpler, one-stop alternative, he contends.

Summer school
In June, ClassesUSA plans to offer a site complete with a nationwide class registration and enrollment service for offline and online courses. The site will also offer school supplies and relevant content, searchable by topic, officials said.

ClassesUSA is an online spin-off of continuing education magazine, Succeed, and was founded in partnership with The CollegeBound Network, a service helping teenagers prepare for college. CEO Paul Segedin will join ClassesUSA as director of Class Provider Affiliate Relations. ClassesUSA will remain headquartered in New York while's former Chicago base will become a ClassesUSA satellite office. An additional office is kept in Seattle.

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