April 22, 2001

S i m p l i f y  Y o u r   S e a r c h  W i t h

Looking for a class to take this summer? The days of searching endlessly are over thanks to the Internet innovations of, a site that's simplified the "take a class" process to a quick click of a mouse., a continuing education portal that aggregates both brick/mortar and on-line courses of study, allows adult learners to locate courses offered by class providers of all sizes, from small institutions operated by a single instructor to the largest universities.

 As the nation's largest online continuing education class database and support service, catalogues over one million brick/mortar and on-line courses (credit and non-credit courses, certificate programs, hobby-specific classes, post-graduate and executive courses, distance learning offerings, non-traditional programs, etc.). has easy-to-use, fully functional search capabilities, service-oriented features, and e-commerce, all of which eliminates the monotonous, time-consuming class search process. Learners are able to locate courses based on area/geographic location (zip code), field of interest, subject keyword, and class provider, and purchase products they need to supplement their area of study.

The aforementioned point-and-purchase opportunities provide adult learners the opportunity to buy books, supplies, and other materials related to their field of interest from the site's conglomerate of e-commerce retailers. Learners also have access to timely, cutting-edge content from SUCCEED Magazine -- The Magazine for Continuing Education and Career Opportunities, focusing on the latest career opportunities and roads to professional and personal advancement. soft launched in March 2001. It's official launch, slated for September 2001 -- peak learning season -- is scheduled to include the additional benefit of online class registration.

Founded in partnership with The CollegeBound Network, is the e-offspring of the industry leading SUCCEED Magazine.

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